Penny’s Porch Treats

Penny’s Porch

Why am I showing you a picture of my porch (with my corgi Finn for added cuteness)? Because I want to share with you something that I started doing last month during quarantine, I call them “Penny’s Porch Treats”. Once a week I make treats, bag them all individually, and then put them on a tray on a little table on my porch. I then go onto my neighborhood Facebook pages and let everyone know that the porch treats are out and then I sit back and watch all the happy faces come to my porch for a treat. It makes me happy, pretty sure my love language is feeding people. Since I view my blog as my own personal food diary, I decided to blog about it.

May the Fourth Chewbacca Oreos

Porch treats kicked off on May the 4th aka Star Wars Day with these Chewbacca Oreos, directions here. I made these for fun but then realized that there were far too many for my family to eat so porch treats were born and the response was great so I decided to keep going.

Funfetti Cake Pops
Funfetti Cake Pops

The following week I made these Funfetti Cake Pops because I had a couple of layers of Funfetti cake in my freezer which weren’t good enough for the wedding cake I made but were great for cake pops, recipe here. Who doesn’t love cake pops?

Reeses Peanut Butter Brownie Cups

The week after that I made these Reeses Peanut Butter Brownie Cups, recipe here. Everyone always loves these treats and the porch treat kids were no different, plus one box of brownie mix makes a lot of these guys.

Chocolate Filled Sugar Cookie Cups

The following week I made something similar called Chocolate Filled Sugar Cookie Cups, only they were sugar cookie cups with one of four different candies in the middle – Rolos, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, half a mini Kit Kat or half a mini Hershey Bar. You can find a similar recipe here, just sub the candies for the truffle filling or you can use the brownie cup recipe and just sub a sugar cookie mix for the brownie mix.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

And the week after that there were some bananas laying around which were perfect for banana bread or banana muffins so I made these Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins, recipe here.

Chocolate Rolo Cookies

And now we are caught up to last week when I made these Chocolate Rolo Cookies which were insanely good and which I will make again for us at some point, recipe here.

UPDATE 6/25/20

This week I made M&M Cookie Bars from this recipe here. The recipe is very easy and very adaptable to whatever flavor cake mix you want to use and whatever kind of mix in you like and everyone loves them!

UPDATE 7/3/20

This week I made these Chocolate Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins for the porch treats, recipe here because it’s zucchini season and my garden has exploded with zucchini! They were really good and chocolatey and if you don’t tell people there is zucchini in them, they will never know!

UPDATE 8/28/20

I’ve been working again so haven’t had a lot of time to do porch treats but yesterday I had the time so I made these Reese’s Pieces Blondies, recipe here and put them out for porch treats. Some kids came running, literally!

UPDATE 10/20/20

I’ve been so busy working that I haven’t had any time to do porch treats but now I’m working on a show that films Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so I have a couple of days to have some fun which means more porch treats!

I made these Halloween cake pops with some coconut cake layers left over from a wedding cake and these babies were gone in a flash!

Basic cake pop recipe found here.

UPDATE 10/29/20

I got a little carried away for Halloween Porch Treats this week as you can see! I made the following:

molded chocolate candies using Wilton Candy Melts

molded candies on pretzel rods also using the candy melts

chocolate dipped Oreos (with, you guessed it, candy melts)

Reese’s Peanut Butter Sugar Cookie Cups, recipe here, just use a sugar cookie mix instead of the peanut butter one

molded Halloween sugar cookies using a tube of sugar cookie dough

and Mustache Sugar Cookies using a tube of sugar cookie dough and a pouch of chocolate cookie icing

I had a lot of fun making all these and the kids seemed to really like them too!

UPDATE 11/13/20

I am really proud of these guys! I call them Nutter Butter Thanksgiving Turkeys on a Chocolate Graham Cracker Carving Board, recipe here. I made 40 and they were gone in an hour!

UPDATE 11/18/20

This week I made these Chocolate Covered Oreo Turkeys, instructions here, for Porch Treats. They were pretty easy to make, I made 50 in about an hour and put them out and they were almost all gone. My son was happy that there were a few leftovers!

UPDATE 12/1/20

First Christmas treat of the season were these Nutter Butter Reindeers for porch treats, click here for how to. They are pretty easy to make and would be fun to make with kids. I love Christmas and have plans for multiple porch treats before Christmas gets here so stay tuned!

UPDATE 12/10/20

I made these Chocolate Covered Reindeers and Smowmen for the second Christmas porch treats of the year. You can find the instructions here. They were pretty easy to make and would be another great treat to make with your kids. Merry Christmas everyone!


First porch treats of 2021! When I used to make these for my kids we called them Magic Wands but basically they are chocolate covered pretzels. Dip pretzel rods in melted candy melts or chocolate and then sprinkle generously with sprinkles. Fun and delicious!

UPDATE 1/27/21

Decided to get an early jump on Valentine’s Day because I have several treats that I want to make.

I made these Valentine chocolate dipped Oreos and molded chocolates for the first Valentine porch treats.

Stay tuned because I’m hoping to get in two more Valentine themed porch treats before Valentine’s Day!

UPDATE 2/1/21

Valentine treat #2, Valentine Strawberry Truffle Cupcakes for this week’s porch treats. I made 33 cupcakes and they were gone in 30 minutes! You can find the how to here.

UPDATE 2/18/21

I’m getting a jump on St Patrick’s Day with these Lucky Charms Cupcakes, recipe here.

I made 3 dozen and they were gone in less than 2 hours so I think they were a hit with the neighborhood kids, and some grownups too!

UPDATE 2/24/21

I made some Reeses Peanut Butter Sugar Cookie Cups and some Chocolate Dipped Oreos for St Patrick’s Day themed porch treats. You can find the instructions here. Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!

UPDATE 5/4/21

May the Fourth Star Wars Treats + Porch Treats 1 Year Anniversary!

Happy Star Wars Day Everyone!

Also Happy 1st Anniversary Porch Treats! I’ve been making porch treats for 1 year now. Go me!

Here’s the how to if you are interested in making these Star Wars Treats.

UPDATE 5/13/21

Made these cute little “Under the Sea Graham Crackers” for the summer kickoff of porch treats. You can find the how to by clicking here.

UPDATE 5/28/21

I made sugar cookies this week, recipe here. (I used canned frosting because I had two tubs of it leftover from other porch treats but the homemade frosting is so much better! And do you know what’s better than the homemade frosting? Nutella instead of frosting!) I put out 40 individually wrapped sugar cookies and they were gone in an hour! WOW!

UPDATE 6/23/21

I like to call these “Teddy Grahams Go Swimming”! They are my latest porch treats and you can check out the how to here. They would be a fun food craft to do with kids as they are super easy to put together, especially if you use store bought Rice Krispie Treats like I did.

UPDATE 8/31/21

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve been working so haven’t been able to do porch treats but I finally have some time off so I put together these “Mini Treat Kabobs” (how to here) and put them out yesterday. I made about 40 and they were gone before I even knew it!

UPDATE 9/8/21

Made these adorable Blondie Sticks for Porch Treats this week. You can find the recipe here. I made almost 50 and the porch treat kids gobbled them all up!

UPDATE 10/12/21

Made some Halloween themed Sugar Cookie Cups and

some Halloween themed Brownie Cups and

if you would like to see the how to, click here. Happy Halloween!

UPDATE 10/21/21

So I made a bunch of treats with Wilton Candy Melts for the neighborhood kids – Rice Krispie Treat Monsters, Oreo Witch Hats, Pretzel Broomsticks, Chocolate Vampire Teeth, and Pretzel Monster Fingers. I had a good time making them, this is totally my idea of a fun day. You can find the how to here. Happy Halloween!

UPDATE 10/29/21

I made these Halloween Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcakes for the final Halloween Porch Treats. You can find the how to by clicking here.

UPDATE 11/10/21

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Cookies for the first Thanksgiving treat of the year. Here is the how to!

UPDATE 12/8/21

I made these cute Reindeer treats for the neighbor kids yesterday. You can find the how to right here. I think they turned out so cute!

UPDATE 1/20/22

First Porch Treats of 2022! I had a bunch of Rolos leftover from making Christmas treats so I decided to make these – Rolo Cake Mix Bars, recipe here, and Chocolate Rolo Thumbprint Cookies, recipe here. They were gone pretty quickly even though it was a chilly day.

I’m going to update this post every time I make porch treats so if you are curious, you can check back!

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