Under the Sea Graham Crackers

More fun with porch treats for the neighbor kids! Definition of porch treats? Click here! Saw this cute idea and then adapted it a little bit to suit me. I think they are adorable.

1 – 2 boxes graham crackers

1 tub blue frosting

1 bag Swedish fish

1 bag goldfish crackers

1 bag Vanilla Cupcake goldfish crackers

yellow rock candy

fish shaped sprinkles (which comes with the blue frosting if you use store bought)

white sugar pearls

Spread frosting on graham crackers to look like water then decorate as desired. I put one of each kind of “fish” on each cracker then added the embellishments.

I found some yellow rock candy in my sprinkle stash and thought it looked like either a coral reef or just ocean rocks so sprinkled those near the bottom then put the fish swimming over them.

I used the little fish sprinkles that came with the frosting for these.

And then for this version I used the little pearl sugars to simulate little air bubbles above the fishy crackers.

inspiration from The First Year

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