St Patrick’s Lucky Charms Cupcakes

I have lots of work coming up so I’m trying to get some baking in before that happens and also some seasonal treats before I don’t have time for anything! I made these for porch treats and they were gone pretty quickly. (Click here for more info on porch treats.)

1 batch vanilla cupcakes from this recipe here, baked in gold cupcake liners for “the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” (I also mixed in 1 cup of confetti chips from Walmart just to make the inside of the cupcakes fun too)

1 tub green frosting (I cheated this time and used a tub of Betty Crocker green frosting but this is a great recipe here if you want to make homemade frosting and just tint it green)

1 big box Lucky Charms cereal

1 1/2 packs of Airheads Xtremes Rainbow Berry Candies

1 Bake cupcakes according to recipe instructions in gold liners and let cool.

2 Frost with green frosting and immediately top with a generous handful of Lucky Charms cereal. (You don’t have to get fancy with the frosting since the Lucky Charms will cover it all up.)

3 Cut airheads in half and drape over Lucky Charms topped cupcakes.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

6 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Lucky Charms Cupcakes

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