Double Chocolate Cookie Bars

And the last treat from the night, these are so rich and delicious!  YUM!  The recipe is from a blog called “Heidi Bakes”.  They seriously couldn’t be any easier to make. 24 chocolate sandwich cookies 1/4 cup butter, melted 1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips 1  … Continue reading

Gooey Lemon Bars

These are divine!  Sort of a cross between a traditional lemon bar and a great lemon cake, how awesome is that?  The recipe is from the “Six Sisters’ Stuff”.  They were all gone by the end of the night.  I need to make them again soon! 1 lemon cake mix 1/2 cup butter, softened 1 … Continue reading

Walnut Chocolate Chip Blondies

And now for my favorite part of any gathering – the treats!  These come from a blog called “Mel’s Kitchen Cafe” and are a knockoff from an Applebee’s recipe.  I’m on board with anything that is loaded with brown sugar and butter, that being said, I have to admit that of the three treats that … Continue reading

Stuffed Cheesy Bread on Crack

Should have made more of this, it was gone quickly!  The recipe is from a blog called “Food Wanderings in Asia”.  Pretty easy to make, the only hard part was cutting the bread without smooshing it! 1 Italian loaf, about 12″ long 1 stick butter, melted 1/8 cup (or 2 tablespoons) olive oil 3 teaspoons … Continue reading

Layered Pizza Dip

This was a hit and was all gone at the end of the night.  I doubled the batch and served it with some Keebler Townhouse Flatbread Crisps, the Sea Salt and Olive Oil flavor.  The recipe comes from Pillsbury.  Super easy and super yummy! 1 (8 oz) container soft cream cheese with chives and onions … Continue reading

Creamy Fruit Dip

Big get together last night at a neighbor’s house and I got to be in charge of the food!  Woo Hoo!  It was a great day!  There were about 40 people there and it started at 7:00 so I decided to go with appetizers and treats, all finger foods.  I did a veggie tray (which … Continue reading

Cupcakes on Edible Pedestals

On Wednesday it was “New Beginnings” for the young women at church which is our kickoff for the year.  I wanted to make something special for them so when I saw this edible cupcake stand, the decision was easy!  The idea comes from a blog called “Best Friends for Frosting” which you should check out … Continue reading

Olive Garden Pasta E Fagioli Soup

The house smelled so good when I got home today and this soup tasted so good on a cold winter’s night; I highly recommend it!  It’s from a website called “Favorite Family Recipes”. 2 pounds ground beef (this makes a ton of soup so I just added 1 pound of ground beef) 1 onion, chopped … Continue reading

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

And the final treat incentive for the girls at church!  Homemade Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!  So easy and so delicious, I can’t even tell you how many of the leftovers I have eaten.  The recipe is from a blog called “Heat Oven to 350”. 1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs (which happens to be exactly … Continue reading

White Chocolate Mint Fudge

Another incentive for the girls at church.  Follow the instructions carefully even if it doesn’t look like the fudge is going to turn out right, there were a couple of times when it didn’t look quite right and I almost threw it away but I just kept going and it turned out delicious in the … Continue reading