Mini Treat Kabobs

I have been working the past couple of months at my day job in film and television so haven’t had a chance to do porch treats in awhile. (For an explanation of porch treats, click here.) But I have some time off now so decided to do porch treats yesterday. I’ve seen this idea a few times so decided to give it a go with my own set of treats, the possibilities are endless. I’ve done a similar treat which you can see here. They are so easy and would be so fun for a birthday party or any type of celebration.

36 brownie bites (I made mine from a box of brownie mix and my mini muffin pans but you can buy these at Sam’s Club)

36 mini cinnamon rolls (which I bought at Sam’s Club)

1 package old fashioned donut holes (got these at Walmart)

2 bags Mallolicious Cupcake Marshmallows (also from Walmart)

36 Popsicle or treat sticks

Gently push treats onto a Popsicle stick. (Easiest and cutest treat ever!)

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