York Sensational Brownies

Brownies for my friend Julie for her birthday and also for my girls at church.  I changed the recipe up a bit since I didn’t have any York Peppermint Patties, I used Junior Mints instead.  They tasted great but the Jr Mints seemed to just melt and dissolve in the batter whereas when I’ve used … Continue reading

Valentine Truffles

The recipe for these truffles is already on the blog under “Easy Oreo Truffles” but I thought I’d blog about them again for Valentine’s Day as a quick and easy treat idea if you’re in need of one.  I made 2 batches of these which ended up being about 86 truffles and it only took … Continue reading

Panda Bear Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Marlene!  These are for you!  Courtney and Courtney’s friend Jaren and I made these cupcakes for our friend Marlene who loves panda bears.  (We made the panda bear graduation cake for her too.)  The idea comes from Karen Tack and Alan Richardson’s cookbook called “Hello, Cupcake!” – love it!  So much fun to … Continue reading

Blue Ninjago Birthday Fondant Cake

My cute neighbor Alisha asked if Cort and I would make a Ninjago birthday cake for her son Colin so after we figured out what Ninjagos were (little Ninja Leggo dudes), we said yes.  We were excited because we’ve been wanting to experiment with the fondant draping technique and this was our chance to try … Continue reading

Sunshine Cupcakes

The blog has been a little quieter lately and that’s because I started working on a movie on Monday; it’s a movie for the ABC Family Channel and I’m doing wardrobe on this one from now until almost the end of March so posts will be a little less numerous for the next couple of … Continue reading