Chocolate Tres Leches Cake

Courtney is having dinner with friends tonight so I volunteered to make them dessert.  She wanted chocolate cake so I went to my big file folder of recipes that I want to make one day and found this one.  It’s a Kraft recipe which I received in an email. 1 package (2 layer size) white … Continue reading

Sticky Pecan Buns

This recipe comes from the same article that the Breakfast Biscuits did, still can’t remember which magazine I clipped it from.  Another quick, easy and tasty recipe made with refrigerated biscuits such as Pillsbury Grands. Start with 1 tube (16 – 16.3 oz, 8 biscuits) and an oven set at 350.  In bowl, microwave 3 … Continue reading

Sally Lunn Batter Bread

This recipe comes from my big, blue “The Taste of Home Baking Book”.  My Sunday School lesson today had a great story about making bread so last night I decided to make a small loaf of bread for each of the kids in my class (I only have 8).  I found this recipe which didn’t … Continue reading

Breakfast Biscuits

Here’s a quick and easy and yummy breakfast idea.  I cut this out of a magazine but can’t remember which one.  🙂 Start with 1 tube (16 – 16.3 oz; 8 biscuits) (like Pillsbury Grands) and an oven set at 350.  Place biscuits on cookie sheet and top each with 1 tablespoon shredded Pepper Jack … Continue reading

Black and White Chocolate Macadamia Bars

It was my friend Julie’s birthday on Tuesday and when I saw her on Thursday at book group, I asked her if she had gotten enough chocolate on her birthday.  She paused a moment before answering and then replied in a disappointed tone, “No,  I did not!” so these fudgey, gooey bars are a late … Continue reading

White Chocolate Mousse Pastry Horns

Second treat for Book Group tonight.  These were awesome!  A Pampered Chef recipe from their “Simply Sweet” cookbook which is one of my favorite cookbooks.  I doubled the recipe because 8 was just not going to be enough. filling: 2 squares (1 oz each) white chocolate for baking, chopped (I used a Dove Chocolate Discoveries … Continue reading

White Chocolate and Berry Crostini

Book Group tonight at my house so the perfect time to try out a couple of new recipes.  This is a Dove Chocolate Discoveries recipe from their Spring/Summer 2009 Entertaining Guide, very good but very crunchy.  (Maybe a little too crunchy?  Maybe I didn’t do it right although I did follow the instructions.  Any thoughts … Continue reading