Cinnamon Twist King Cake

In keeping with my bread making goal for the year, I decided to give this “cake” a go since it is made from a yeast dough.  It came out pretty good, a little  under baked so I need to work on that as it seems to be my main issue with yeast doughs so far … Continue reading

Cajun Chicken Penne

While googling Mardi Gras dinner ideas yesterday, I actually found 2 that I wanted to try on the Taste of Home’s website so even though Mardi Gras is over, I thought I’d make this for dinner tonight.  Bob said he likes it better than last night’s and even Courtney ate this one because it had … Continue reading

Mardi Gras King Cake

You can’t be making Mardi Gras food and not make a King Cake!  Here’s my attempt, it is delicious!  (It looks like kind of a mess but I googled pictures of King Cakes and this is pretty much how they all look although some are a little nicer mess than mine.)  The recipe came in … Continue reading

Cajun Sausage Pasta

Happy Mardi Gras, food blog friends!  Today being Mardi Gras and all, I thought I’d make the fam a Mardi Gras dinner tonight.  This is a Taste of Home recipe that I found on their website after googling “Mardi Gras dinners”.  It was really good, Bob and Zach in particular really liked it but Courtney … Continue reading