White Fondant Wedding Cake with Red and Gold Accents

Here’s our latest fondant cake for our friend Kali’s wedding.  The layers were alternating chocolate and vanilla (adapted from the White Almond Sour Cream Cake recipe) topped with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting and then wrapped with Ivory Pettinice Fondant from Funfinity.  We wrapped the bottom of the layers first with a red ribbon and then a … Continue reading

Bountiful Basket #8

Yesterday’s Bountiful Basket was a huge haul!  All this for $15! 2 cantaloupes 1 bag green grapes 6 nectarines 2 pears 9 bananas 5 ears corn on the cob 2 bags of carrots 1 bunch broccoli 3 green peppers 1 head green leaf lettuce 22 potatoes Courtney and I love sourdough bread so Bob added … Continue reading

Bountiful Basket #7

Here is Dexter checking out last Saturday’s Bountiful Basket (again!) which contained: 1 head green leaf lettuce 4 ears corn on the cob 3 Roma tomatoes 1 bunch broccoli 1 cantaloupe 1 bag purple grapes 6 peaches 3 pears 7 bananas 13 plums 1 container of strawberries We had the corn on the cob with … Continue reading

“Licious” Chocolate Fondant Birthday Cake

It was my friend Kristi’s birthday last week so Courtney and I put together a surprise birthday cake for her.  Courtney started calling Kristi “Kristilicious” several years ago at Girls Camp and Kristi loves the nickname so much (not!) that Cort decided to put it on her cake.  The cake is an 8″ Chocolate Sour … Continue reading

Warm Toasted Marshmallow S’more Bars

Bob had his Sunday School class over tonight for a barbecue and swim party so I made these treats for them.  I found the recipe on the back of the Betty Crocker sugar mix pouch.  They were really easy to make and really tasty to eat! 1 (17.5 oz) pouch Betty Crocker Sugar cookie mix … Continue reading

Bountiful Basket #6

That’s my cat Dexter checking out this week’s Bountiful Basket, he had a fondness for the green corn leaves!  🙂  Here’s what came in today’s basket: 2 bags clementines 5 bananas 4 mangos 1 cantaloupe 1 bag purple seedless grapes 1 container strawberries 9 Roma tomatoes 2 red peppers 7 ears of corn 1 head … Continue reading

Lavender Tangled Doll Fondant Birthday Cake

Here is the last cake of the week!  It’s been a week full of challenging cakes.  This one was for Little Evelyn Belle who was turning 1 and my friends Pam (Evie’s grandma) and Shayla (Evie’s mom) wanted a Disney Princess cake or a Tangled cake so we decided to give the old Barbie doll … Continue reading

Choo Choo Train Fondant Birthday Cake

My friend LaRobyn’s little boy Alex turned 3 and she had a birthday party for him on Friday morning.  Alex is obsessed with trains, he loves them so she had a pirate choo choo train party for him.  Courtney and I found a 3D train pan at Michaels and were so excited to use if … Continue reading