Double Chocolate Rocky Road Cookie Bars

I found this recipe on  I made them for our neighbors the Baldwins but kept a few for us to try and they are divine! cookie base: 1 (1 pound, 1.5 ounce) pouch Betty Crocker double chocolate chunk cookie mix (I’ll confess here that I used a Krusteaz chocolate chunk cookie mix, the kind … Continue reading

Turkey Roll Ups

This is a Rhodes Rolls recipe and is perfect for using up some of that leftover turkey.  These taste like little turkey pot pies. 10 Rhodes dinner rolls, thawed to room temperature (I thawed 12 and still had filling left over) 2 cups diced cooked turkey 1/2 cup mayonnaise 3/4 cup Parmesan cheese 1/4 cup … Continue reading

Red Velvet Cake Balls

  Here is my Red Velvet Cake story!  A friend of Courtney’s requested a birthday cake from us for her daughter’s birthday and she wanted the cake to be Red Velvet.  I had never made a Red Velvet cake before so I asked my good friend Ann, who is a spectacular baker, if she had … Continue reading

Chocolate Raspberry Tart

This could not be any easier to make and it seriously could not taste any better either.  It was even better with a little (or big) dollop of Cool Whip on top.  It comes from the Martha Stewart magazine, “Everyday Food”. 32 chocolate wafer cookies (about 8 ounces) or graham crackers 2 tablespoons sugar coarse … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Edible Placecard Markers

This is a fun and easy idea that I found on the Wilton website, placecards made out of candy!  They are bigger than they look, almost the size of a regular candy bar. ingredients: white candy melts (I didn’t do any white ones, just orange and cocoa) orange candy melts dark cocoa candy melts (I … Continue reading

Green Beans and Bacon

This recipe also comes from the November 2001 issue of “Food Network Magazine” (Thanksgiving dinner at the Johnson’s brought to you by the Food Network Magazine!).  I used the bacon that Bob had wrapped around the turkey in these.  They were really good! 2 1/2 pounds green beans, trimmed Kosher salt 1/2 pound bacon, roughly … Continue reading

Basic Popovers

I decided to try and make popovers this year which wasn’t a total disaster but didn’t turn out perfectly either.  I had to send my niece Heidi and her husband Mark to the store to buy rolls because most of the popovers didn’t turn out and the 6 that were acceptable were a little too … Continue reading

Bacon Wrapped Turkey

Bob wanted to try Bacon Wrapped Turkey this year so he was in charge of the bird and did a great job.  We bought an 18 pound Butterball turkey; first he brushed it with melted butter, salted it and then covered it with about 2 packages of bacon. He put it in a 450 degree … Continue reading

Turkey Cupcakes

My friend Patty asked if I could make some favors for her family’s Thanksgiving Day dinner so this is the one she picked.  These little guys come from the cookbook, “Hello, Cupcake!” by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson.  I made enough for Patty and her family and then made enough for our family and the … Continue reading

Almost – Famous Cranberry Walnut Relish

Here is the first of several Thanksgiving related posts for the next couple days.  This recipe comes from the November 2011 issue of “Food Network Magazine” and it is from their series where they take a popular dish from a restaurant and try and recreate it.  This is based on Boston Market’s Cranberry Walnut Relish.  … Continue reading