Mexican Chicken Pot Pies in Crescent Bowls

Another Pillsbury recipe.  I get a lot of my recipes by signing up for emails from Kraft, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, etc.  My crescent bowls did not turn out even remotely like theirs; they all looked deformed but they tasted good.  Even Courtney, who is my picky eater, had two of these for dinner tonight. 1 … Continue reading

Lemon Cream Daisies

Book Group last night at my house.  We read a book called “Garden Spells” which was a fun summer read about some quirky people, one of them was a caterer named Claire who made food with the special plants from her garden.  I do not have a garden like Claire’s but I tried to do … Continue reading

Lemony Zucchini Bread

Somebody help me!  I’m cooking and I can’t stop!  So far today I have made chocolate chip muffins (from a mix, yes, sometimes I cheat!), a batch of spaghetti sauce to put in the freezer (on the blog under main dish), Chuck Wagon Cheeseburger Skillet (see post just prior to this one) and now this … Continue reading

Chuck Wagon Cheeseburger Skillet

This is a Pillsbury bakeoff recipe from 2002.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, it is really tasty! 4 slices bacon (I bought a precooked package of bacon and used the whole package) 1 pound hamburger 3 tablespoons chopped onion 3 tablespoons oil 2 1/2 cups frozen hash brown potatoes, thawed 1 (11 oz) can … Continue reading

Ham ‘N Cheese Calzones

These should be called Easiest Calzones ever!  This is a super quick and super tasty dinner!  I think the recipe came from the Kraft food magazine. 1 (13.8 oz) can refrigerated pizza crust 16 slices shaved ham 1 cup shredded Colby and Monterey Jack cheese 1/4 cup Ranch dressing 1 tomato, cut into thin slices … Continue reading

Three Cheese Garden Pizza

Another zucchini recipe (tomatoes too!), this one from the Pampered Chef.  Bob went and picked the zucchini right from our garden.  This is one of our favorites. 1 (10 oz) package refrigerated pizza crust 1 small onion, sliced into rings 1 medium zucchini, sliced 2 plum tomatoes, sliced 1 cup mushrooms, sliced (I think you … Continue reading

Zucchini Nut Muffins

It’s zucchini time of year so I’ll probably be posting some zucchini recipes here in the next few days.  These are the Sunday morning treats for the Sunday School classes!  Brianne, are you peeking?  This came from a magazine somewhere along the way, maybe an advertisement for the raw cane sugar called for in the … Continue reading

Greek Pasta Salad

This is a Taste of Home recipe.  Looks like it came in the February/March 2008 magazine.  This didn’t look like it made a lot (the recipe said 4 servings) so I increased the amount of all ingredients to accommodate my pasta salad loving family. 1 1/2 cups uncooked penne pasta (I used a 17.2 oz … Continue reading

Sweet Cinnamon Biscuits

I keep all the new recipes that I want to try out in a big blue accordion file folder in my kitchen.  There are a lot of recipes in there!  I probably will not in my lifetime be able to make them all and I keep adding to the folder every week.  The recipes come … Continue reading