Pink and White Fondant Birthday Cake

Courtney and I are on the lookout for opportunities to practice our fondant cake decorating skills so when my friend LaRobyn told me about the birthday party she was throwing for her daughter Bailey, Cort and I asked if we could make a cake for the party.  We asked what she wanted and her only requests were chocolate cake and hot pink decorations so here it is.  It came out pretty good for only our 2nd fondant cake except for a slight slope in the top layer which (fortunately) you can’t really see in the picture.

The cake recipe is that White Almond Sour Cream cake recipe again (only with chocolate cake instead of white and vanilla extract instead of almond), the frosting under the fondant is my favorite Buttercream Frosting and the fondant is Wilton White Fondant that we bought at Michaels.

Happy 12th Birthday Bailey!  We love you!

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