Very Easy Boule Loaf

Very Easy Boule Loaf

Very Easy Boule Loaf

One of my goals for 2019 is to learn how to bake bread.  The hubs and I have been watching all of the Great British Baking Show and so I have a few new food goals thanks to that show.  I’ve made this twice and it came out pretty great both times.  The first time it was just slightly under baked and I know that thanks to Mr Paul Hollywood of the Great British Baking Show.  The second loaf was pretty close to perfect. It really is a very easy  bread to make.

450 grams strong white bread flour

5 grams fast action dried yeast

7 grams fine sea salt

350 milometers water from the cold tap

1  In a mixing bowl, whisk together flour and yeast then whisk in salt.  Make a well in center of dry ingredients and pour in water.  With the paddle attachment of your mixer on low, mix until it becomes a very soft, sticky dough.  After it comes together, mix for 1 additional minute.

2  Cover bowl with cling wrap or transfer dough to a bowl with a lid and put in fridge.  Leave for at least 6 hours but preferably overnight, no longer than 24 hours.

3  Flour hands and shape dough into a ball.  Place dough ball on floured parchment paper.  Dust top with flour. Cover with large bowl or cling wrap and let sit for 2 hours at room temperature.

4  Towards the end of the 2 hours, heat oven to 450.  Place empty roasting pan on bottom rack of oven and baking sheet or pizza stone on shelf above.

5  Make 5 deep slashes across top of dough with sharp knife dipped in flour.  Slide parchment paper with dough on it onto baking sheet/stone.  Pour jug of cold water into roasting pan and quickly close oven door.  Bake 30 – 35 minutes until it is a rich golden brown and sounds hollow when tapped.

recipe from The Great British Bake Off Perfect Cakes and Bakes to Make at Home

2 thoughts on “Very Easy Boule Loaf

  1. Beautiful Bread! We[ve been enjoying that show also, but I haven’t tried any of their recipes. Good Job! Keep Baking!

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