Navajo Tacos/Fry Bread


Navajo Tacos

We had a full house on Sunday night, 15 people for dinner so I was trying to come up with a plan that would feed that many people easily and then I saw a post on Facebook about Navajo Tacos and thought perfect!

1 recipe of your favorite chili, I used this one, Family Favorite Chili

2 – 4 cups vegetable oil, depending on size of skillet you are using

frozen rolls, as many as you need (I did 30 and there were only 3 left!), thawed according to package directions


shredded Cheddar cheese

chopped onions

sliced olives

shredded lettuce

chopped tomatoes

sour cream



1  Prepare chili.  Prepare all toppings.

2  Heat oil in skillet to 360 degrees.  Take 1 thawed roll and stretch with fingers until desired shape is achieved.  (This works best if you don’t crunch the roll in your hand into a ball, carefully pick it up, pat it into a flat circle and then let it hang from fingers while working your way around the edge of the roll, it should get into the correct shape quickly, does this make any sense at all?)  Carefully place dough in oil and fry until bottom is light golden brown then carefully turn over with tongs until other side is light golden brown.  Set on paper towel covered plate to drain.  Place in 200 degree oven to keep warm.

3  Set everything up buffet style and let everyone have at it!

Another note – the fry bread was so good!  You could serve it for breakfast with butter and cinnamon and sugar or syrup; my niece was smothering it with Nutella and my little great nephew was eating his with honey, the options are endless!

recipe inspiration from The Food Nanny

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