Blue and Black Striped Birthday Fondant Cake

This is a birthday cake for Courtney’s friend Dakota who wanted it for a friend who is a girl, did you follow that?  That’s all I know!  Cort and I both put on our Facebook status’ that we were looking for opportunities to practice our fondant decorating skills and so if any of our friends had an event coming up that they could use a fondant cake for, to please let us know and we would make a cake for them for just the cost of the ingredients.  Good deal for us as we get to practice without it costing to much and good deal for the friend who gets a pretty good fondant cake for cheap!  We have about 4 – 5 more to do over the next few months so hopefully we can just keep getting better and better!  If any of you blog friends out there need a cake (and you live near me), the FB offer applies to you too!  I tried a new recipe for the cake so I’ll give you that here, the frosting was my standard Vanilla Buttercream Frosting and the fondant was the Satin Ice Buttercream Fondant which is actually really yummy!

cake recipe:

1 box cake mix plus ingredients listed to make cake

1 small box instant pudding mix

1 cup sour cream

1/2 cup chocolate chips (for a chocolate cake)

Add pudding mix to cake mix and stir with whisk.  Following directions on box, add wet ingredients listed on box plus 1 cup of sour cream and mix according to package directions.  Add chocolate chips if using after batter is mixed.  Bake according to package directions although these may need to bake just a few minutes longer.

5 thoughts on “Blue and Black Striped Birthday Fondant Cake

  1. It’s beautiful.!! Wish we lived closer; we have a lot of birthdays coming up here. Good luck in you new venture. Love..

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