Graduation Cap Fondant Cake

Here is Carl’s other daughter Kelsey’s graduation cake.  Kelsey loves chocolate and her favorite color is blue.  This cake was made in the Pampered Chef Batter Bowl (the recipe for how to do this is on the blog under “Barbie Doll Cake”) with a Dark Chocolate cake mix.  It has the Vanilla Buttercream Frosting on … Continue reading

White and Purple Graduation Cake

My friend Carl from high school sent me a message on Facebook asking if we could make 2 graduation cakes for his twin daughters who are fraternal twins, not identical so he wanted two different cakes.  Kiersten likes vanilla cake and her favorite color is purple so this is the cake we made for her.  … Continue reading

Cocoa Cupcakes

Courtney and I are working on a couple of graduation cakes for a friend’s twin daughters (I’ll post the cakes later today or tomorrow) and we needed some cupcakes in order to make some graduation caps so this is a recipe from my big file of recipes that I hope to have time to make … Continue reading