Baskin Robbins Candy Parfait

I got this cute little book the other day from called “Candy Bouquets Create Your Own Gifts and Centerpieces” and this is the first creation that Courtney and I made from that book (more are soon to follow I’m sure).  The book is full of cute little ideas for candy centered gifts for all occasions.  We made these for 2 special friends of mine that I visit every month but didn’t make it to visit this month so treats instead!  I’ll give you the instructions for the one in the book which is called “Milky Way Parfait” and I’ll also give you the changes that we made to make ours (really the only changes were that they used a glass ice cream dish and we used the pink plastic one and they used mini Milky Way bars and we used Baskin Robbins hard candies).   We bought everything we needed to make these at the Dollar Store (except for the pins and the Tootsie Pops).  They came out really cute!

1 – 2 (10″ – 12″) pieces ribbon, various colors and patterns

1 sundae or parfait glass

1 (1 pound) bag miniature Milky Way bars  (we used about 3 bags Baskin Robbins hard candies, can’t remember what size bags they were, in various flavors – Mint Chocolate Chip, Mango Delight, Pralines and Cream and Cookies and Cream)

cream colored shredded paper (didn’t need this because our dish was not see through)

1 styrofoam disc (I used 2 that were round but narrower at the top and wider at the bottom and flat on both top and bottom, they fit perfectly in my dish, I just glued them together with a hot glue gun)

50 – 60 quilters T-pins or straight pins

1 cherry or strawberry Tootsie Pop sucker

1  Tie ribbon around stem of sundae or parfait glass.  Place 2 – 3 mini Milky Ways in bottom of glass (again we didn’t because it wasn’t glass and therefore see through).  Cover Milky Ways with cream colored shredded paper.  Pull some of shredded paper up and over sides of glass.  Trim styrofoam disk to fit snugly in glass (if needed).  Insert disk into glass so that 1/2″ – 1″ of disk is exposed above edge of glass.  Press down gently to secure styrofoam disk in glass.

2  Insert pin through 1 end of Milky Way wrapper.  Push pin into styrofoam to affix candy.  Place Milky Ways in single row around outside and top of styrofoam.  Repeat until sides of disk are completely covered and there is only a small portion exposed at top.

3  Insert Tootsie Pop into center of exposed area on styrofoam disk.  Press down gently until only red wrapper of sucker shows above Milky Ways.

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