Lunch at The Blue Lemon

I’m a little behind in my blogging so for those of you who subscribe to my blog, get ready because there’s going to be several posts today as I try to catch up!  I had lunch last Thursday with my friends Diane, Burke and Barbara, who I all work with in the film business.  We try and meet every couple of months for lunch and it was my turn to set it up so I suggested we try The Blue Lemon in Highland.  It was really good food and the atmosphere and decor were awesome too (my favorite color is blue and the decor is a lot of blue and silver so I really liked it a lot!).  We ate and then sat and visited for awhile and no one made us feel like we had to leave which has happened to us in other restaurants the minute we finish eating.  My only complaint would be price; my sandwich was $10 and didn’t come with anything like fries, chips, etc, it was another $2 to get any kind of side with your meal.  Not a big deal but for $10 give me a few chips on the side or something!  🙂  So here’s what we ate:

They brought this to Barb by mistake but I took a picture of it anyway because it looked so pretty and tasty!  After looking at their menu on line, I think it’s the Artichoke and Tomato Chicken.  I would definitely try it on another visit.

Burkie had the Chipotle Pineapple BBQ Brisket and said it was really good.

Barb and I both had the Salmon BLT which had a fancier name on the menu but that’s what it was really!  It was excellent, I really liked it!

Di had the Blue Lemon Steak Griller which I forgot to take a picture of but found this one on their website and she said she really liked it too!

So I guess that’s 4 thumbs up for The Blue Lemon in Highland (there’s one in SLC too).  I will definitely go back again to try one of the other menu options as I did have a hard time trying to decide what I wanted from all the menu choices.

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