Homemade Sugar Cookie Decorating Kits

Homemade Sugar Cookie Decorating Kits

I have quite a few new followers to my blog (thank you for joining me on my food adventures!) so some of you may not know that I have a day job in the film and television industry which keeps me pretty busy, until the pandemic hit. March 13 was my last day on set. I was working on a movie in Mississippi when a day player showed up sick with what turned out to be the corona/covid virus and so we were shut down with only a week to go. I’m not very good at sitting at home with not much to do so I’ve been looking for projects to fill my time and also looking to serve others wherever possible. We have quite a few neighbors with little kids so I thought this might be a fun activity for me and for them. The feedback has been great, the kids really enjoyed the kits and I had fun putting them together so win, win!

I made a batch of these Bakery Style Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Frosting which yielded about 5 dozen cookies

I was going to make homemade frosting but I needed so much of it that I decided to go with Pillsbury Funfetti Frosting which I divided up between the kits by putting half a container of frosting into a piping bag and tying off with a twisty tie

I have so many sprinkles so I made little bags of sprinkles for each kit and even included some tiny candy eyes for fun

I had a tub of gum drops from another project so I included some of those in each kit as well

Have a good day my friends! Go out and do some service for someone else! It will make you feel better and take your mind off of your own concerns!

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