Mario Kart Mushroom Pops

Mario Kart Mushroom Pops So my family is just a little bit obsessed with the game Mario Kart and on Thursday some new tracks were released for the game and there was much excitement around here and then it was decided that there was to be a Mario Kart party on Friday so they could play all the new tracks so I decided to play along since that meant that I got to play with the food!  I found the idea for these adorable pops on line at a blog called “Cute as a Fox” which were perfect for the party.  They were pretty easy to make and the brownie bites dipped in chocolate were so yummy!

20 – 25 brownie bites, homemade or store bought, your choice

1 bag Wilton red candy melts

assorted sprinkles as desired, such as small white pearls, small star shapes, large stars

20 – 25 large marshmallows

black edible food marker

20 – 25 popsicle sticks

1  The brownie bites are easy to make if you want to go the  homemade route.  All you need is 1 box of brownie mix plus ingredients listed to make brownies.  Preheat oven to 325, prepare batter according to package directions,  generously spray mini muffin pan with cooking spray with flour, scoop about 1 teaspoon of batter into each muffin cup, bake for about 14 minutes,  let sit in pan after removing from oven for 10 minutes then carefully remove from pan and let cool completely.  Or go to the store and buy a package of brownie bites!

2    Melt candy melts according to package directions.  Dip each brownie bite into melted candy melts and set on wax paper.   Immediately after dipping each brownie bite, decorate with desired sprinkles while candy melts are still soft so that sprinkles will adhere.  Let set completely before assembling.

3  Carefully draw eyes on each marshmallow with edible food marker.  Don’t press too hard on the marshmallow or you’ll end up with a sticky mess.

4  To assemble pops, take one large marshmallow and dip end slightly in candy melts then stick a dipped brownie bite on top of marshmallow, slide popsicle stick up through marshmallow and just slightly into brownie bite.

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