Courtney’s Bridal Shower Food

bridal shower 004

Courtney’s 2nd Bridal Shower today at our house, hosted by her best friend and maid of honor Kindra.  She had another shower last Saturday with all the ladies in our neighborhood and this one today was for all her friends so an “Old Lady Shower” and a “Young Lady Shower”!  The best part of the friend shower was that I got to do all the food!  So this will be the first of a couple of posts featuring all the eats from the shower.  The picture above is of all the lunch food.  I’m going to show you what I did here in this post and then I’ll post the recipes for the things that are new.  (I made the banner hanging above the table, you can’t see it very well but it says “Love Is In the Air”.  Courtney asked me last night what I would do without my Cricut and Pinterest and I said I would be lost and not very creative!)

bridal shower 006

Got this idea from Pinterest of course!  Individual veggie cups with Ranch dressing.  I used 2 spears each of carrots, celery and mini cucumbers with some store bought Ranch in the bottom of the cup.  A great idea from a blog called “A Little Loveliness”.

bridal shower 011

And another great idea from Pinterest, fruit kabobs!  What a cute and easy way to serve fruit!  This idea is from a blog called “Noosh Loves”.  I used pineapple, strawberries, blackberries, oranges, red and green grapes.

bridal shower 008

I also served a traditional 7 Layer Dip and this Southern Style Salsa (this recipe is already on the blog), both are favorites of Courtney’s.

bridal shower 013

Courtney also loves these Mini Ham Puffs; this recipe is also already on the blog.

bridal shower 019

And to drink, this “Fluffy Punch” which I also found on Pinterest from a blog called “Enchantresses 3”.  There weren’t really specific instructions for the punch, they just said that it was cranberry juice, 7-Up, raspberry sherbet and frozen raspberries so I just kind of mixed all that together until it looked and tasted good.  Everyone seemed to like it.

I also served “Shrimp Tarts” and “Bacon Cheddar Pinwheels”, see the next 2 posts for the recipes.

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