Cupcakes on Edible Pedestals

cupcakes on pedestals 001

On Wednesday it was “New Beginnings” for the young women at church which is our kickoff for the year.  I wanted to make something special for them so when I saw this edible cupcake stand, the decision was easy!  The idea comes from a blog called “Best Friends for Frosting” which you should check out because her cupcake stands look different than mine and are pretty darn cute!  Our theme for the year involves keys and so I got a key shaped cookie cutter and cut keys out of fondant for the toppers.  Here’s how I did the stands and what you will need to make them.

cake ice cream cones

flat topped cookies (these here are the “Anna’s” brand that I found at Winco, I like the flower shape of them, I almost went with a store bought sugar cookie without frosting because they have sugar on them which makes them sparkle and also they are closer in color to the cones but I really liked the flower shape of these better)

Wilton candy melts


First, I melted the candy melts according to the package directions and then dipped the open ends of the cones just up to the little rims and then, after shaking off any excess chocolate, I rolled them in sprinkles and set them on wax paper to dry.  When the chocolate was set, I put a squirt of frosting on the end of the cone and then carefully pressed the cookie on the top and then let that set.  Tada!  Cupcake pedestal!

I made Double Fudge Cupcakes with Mint and Dark Chocolate Chips and I made Red Velvet Cupcakes with White Chocolate Chips using the recipe that is under “Tea Cakes” on the blog and then I frosted them with my favorite buttercream icing which is also on the blog.

So adorable that I can hardly stand it!  I just love playing with food!

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