Halloween Ghost Cupcakes

Here’s a cute and pretty easy Halloween cupcake idea from the Ladies Home Journal website.  These are for the Neighborhood Halloween party tomorrow night.

18 standard size cupcakes (I ended up with about 34 cupcakes, I used the “White Almond Sour Cream” cake recipe using a white cake mix and vanilla flavoring and then I dyed the batter orange just for fun)

1 (16 oz) container chocolate frosting or homemade chocolate frosting (I used Pillsbury)


approx 1 1/2 pounds white fondant (you can get this at most craft stores like Michaels)

18 (or as many cupcakes as you end up with) sphere lollipops, like Dum Dums (I bought mini Tootsie Pops)

1 tube black decorator icing (or you can use mini chocolate chips for the eyes, like I did)

1. Frost cupcakes and set aside. Lightly dust work surface with cornstarch and roll fondant out in a thin layer then cut into 18 1 1/2″ rounds and 18 4″ rounds with cookie cutters or biscuit cutters. Knead scraps together and reroll, as necessary.

2. Insert the stick of an unwrapped lollipop into a block of Styrofoam (or half a potato or apple) to hold it steady (or just hold it in one hand!). Place one 1 1/2″ fondant round over lollipop and pinch to close around pop. Then place larger fondant round over the smaller one, pleating to make a ghost shape. Repeat for all lollipops. Place a ghost in the center of each cupcake by inserting the stick into the cake. Pipe black eyes on each (or just poke pointy ends of mini chips into the fondant).




20 thoughts on “Halloween Ghost Cupcakes

    • The great thing about these is, if you don’t like fondant it’s easy to peel off and just eat the cupcake, but this fondant is pretty good, it’s got a bit of a citrus taste to it so you might like it!

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