Choo Choo Train Fondant Birthday Cake

My friend LaRobyn’s little boy Alex turned 3 and she had a birthday party for him on Friday morning.  Alex is obsessed with trains, he loves them so she had a pirate choo choo train party for him.  Courtney and I found a 3D train pan at Michaels and were so excited to use if for Alex’s cake.  The baking of the train cake in the 3D pan was a bit of a process but in the end it came out pretty good.  I baked the candy train car cake in a loaf pan, not filling it up quite as far as normal so that it would not be too tall.  Both cakes are Chocolate Sour Cream Cakes (based on the “White Almond Sour Cream Cake” recipe) then of course my Vanilla Buttercream Icing and after that the Chocolate Fondant from Funfinity which was also a bit of process to get on the train cake).  Courtney used a cookie cutter for the 3 on top of the cake and she sculpted the little Alex riding the train out of fondant (see pic below for a closer look).  We filled the train car with candy and also used various candies to decorate the train with.  Overall, it came out pretty good and was good practice for us on another 3D cake which present their own challenges.  Happy Birthday Alex!

2 thoughts on “Choo Choo Train Fondant Birthday Cake

    • Thanks Kristi, yes it’s been a busy cake week and the cakes were difficult! One more done today and now we have a few weeks off before we have any more to do.

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