Bountiful Basket #6

That’s my cat Dexter checking out this week’s Bountiful Basket, he had a fondness for the green corn leaves!  🙂  Here’s what came in today’s basket:

2 bags clementines

5 bananas

4 mangos

1 cantaloupe

1 bag purple seedless grapes

1 container strawberries

9 Roma tomatoes

2 red peppers

7 ears of corn

1 head Romaine lettuce

Pretty good haul!  I’m making Mango Confetti Salsa again and I’m also going to make a Tres Leche Cake and top with it with the strawberries (both those recipes are already on the blog).  We’re having a barbecue tomorrow with Bob’s sister Mary and her daughter Clara so we’ll do the corn on the cob and maybe a green salad or a fruit bowl.  Gotta love the Bountiful Basket!  Need more info?  Check out

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