Bountiful Basket #8

Yesterday’s Bountiful Basket was a huge haul!  All this for $15!

2 cantaloupes

1 bag green grapes

6 nectarines

2 pears

9 bananas

5 ears corn on the cob

2 bags of carrots

1 bunch broccoli

3 green peppers

1 head green leaf lettuce

22 potatoes

Courtney and I love sourdough bread so Bob added these to the basket, 5 loaves for $10.

And Bob and Zach love homemade salsa which Bob has been making a lot of lately so he also added on this Mexican pack which included onions, garlic, a couple of different kinds of peppers, tomatillos, avocados, limes and cilantro all for $8.50.

Check out for more info.

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