Look what I got for FREE!

I know some of you out there will appreciate this and for those of you who live near me and get a Sunday paper then you can get the same stuff for free!  This morning at Smiths grocery store I got 6 bottles of Propel water, 3 boxes of Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta and 3 boxes of American Beauty Quick Cook pasta for free!  Actually they paid me to buy it all because after the sale prices and the coupons, I actually made $1.77!  Yahoo!  Smiths is having one of their mega sale events where when you buy any 10 items from a list of certain products then you automatically get $5 off at the register.  When you pair those up with coupons from the Sunday paper then you can get some really great deals.  If you’re interested in this at all, check out savvyshopperdeals.com which is where I go to get help with saving money on groceries, personal care and household items!  I love saving money, don’t you?  Happy Monday!  🙂

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