50th Wedding Anniversary White Fondant Cake with White Fondant Flowers

The blog has been quiet this past week and that’s because we were in California for Bob’s parent’s 50th wedding anniversary party and then a week long family vacation at the beach!  Bob’s sister Mary made the cake for the party (bottom layer was white and top two layers were butter pecan) and then Courtney and I decorated it with fondant.  Cort made all those flowers which came out awesome and the bride and groom topper is their original topper from their original cake!  It looked good and tasted great!  Happy 50th to Bob’s parents!

2 thoughts on “50th Wedding Anniversary White Fondant Cake with White Fondant Flowers

  1. The cake did turn out beautifully! And…even though I’m usually not a big fan of fondant – whatever you used tasted great! Thanks so much for dragging all your stuff to CA to do the cake – it was a very sweet touch to a special night! Love you all!

  2. Dear Penny and Courtney,
    We were so pleased with your beautiful cake and honored to have it displayed on your blog.
    You’ll probably be receiving orders soon. It was a wonderful celebration!

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