No Fuss Bar Cookies

Lots of nice neighbors fed my kids while Bob and I were in Alaska so I wanted to thank them (thank you Teresa, LaRobyn, Mary Linda, Merrilee and Tom!) for doing something that they did not have to do (my kids are 18 and 21 so capable but not always willing to make food for themselves!) so I made some treats for them and also for my niece Heidi and my friend Lacee who are both on missions.  Missionaries need care packages!  So this will be the first of three recipes posted today for some bar cookies which are tasty and can be put in the mail and hopefully make it there in one piece and not arrive in crumbs!

These first treats are a lot like what my mom used to call Magic Cookie Bars but instead of making them in layers in the pan, you just mix all the ingredients up together and dump them in the pan, so simple!  This recipe comes from

24 graham crackers squares

1 cup chocolate chips

1 cup coconut

3/4 cup walnuts, chopped

1 can sweetened condensed milk

Preheat oven to 350.  Grease a 9 x 13″ pan.  Make crumbs from the graham crackers in food processor (or place them in a large ziploc plastic bag and beat on them with a rolling pin) to make 2 cups crumbs.  Combine all ingredients.  Spread evenly in pan and bake 15 – 18 minutes.

7 thoughts on “No Fuss Bar Cookies

  1. Hi Penny,
    For the no fuss bar cookie recipe do you need to mix anything to help the ingredient stick together while baking? I’m a novice and followed the directions but the ingredients didn’t quite keep together, please let me know what I did wrong!

  2. Hi Penny!
    I tried making the no fuss bar cookies today and the bars ended up falling apart, I’m a novice at cooking and wanted to try out some of your simpler dishes. Do the bars need something like butter or condensed milk to help them stay together??

    • OK Victoria, this is all my fault and not yours, you didn’t do anything wrong at all but you did me a favor and pointed out that I forgot to include a major ingredient in this recipe! Yes, you do need something like or exactly like sweetened condensed milk (which apparently I forgot to include) to get everything to stick together. So very sorry about that, do you live near me? I’ll make you a batch of these to make up for my error! 🙂 Hope this doesn’t put you off baking . . .

  3. Hi Penny,
    Haha, thanks for your quick response. I should have thought it through before making it. I live in Hawaii but thanks for kind offer. I went to BYU and brother Johnson was in the bishopric for my ward.

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