Surprise – Inside Crescent Eggs

And one last Easter recipe (although this treat would be great anytime of year)!  We decided to do brunch yesterday inside of dinner so we had “Colleen’s Overnight French Toast”, ham, bacon, hash browns, scrambled eggs and “Italian Easter Bread” and it was all so, so good!  When we were done, I wanted just a … Continue reading

Candy Box Easter Baskets

I can’t remember where I first saw this idea so I don’t know who to credit but it is all over Pinterest so you can look there for variations.  I still like to give my big kids something for Easter so when I saw these “baskets”, I knew what they were getting this year.  Everything … Continue reading

Italian Easter Bread

This might be my favorite part of Easter dinner this year, I think they look so yummy and cute!  The recipe comes from a blog called “The Italian Dish”.  I decided to use these in place of dinner rolls this year.  They aren’t hard to make but they are a little time consuming which is … Continue reading

Chocolate Dipped Peeps

Here’s a quick Easter treat idea if you’re still needing something to fill Easter baskets tomorrow, Peep Pops!  The idea comes from a blog called “A Bird and a Bean” and is pretty easy. package of Peeps bunnies Wilton candy melts, in whatever colors you like popsicle sticks mini marshmallows Melt the candy melts according … Continue reading

Easter Nest Cupcakes

I decided that I needed a food project yesterday and lucky for me the Young Women and Young Men were meeting together today at church for a lesson so I decided to get a jump on some Easter baking and make some cupcakes for them.  I had this idea rattling around in my head for … Continue reading

Yogurt Parfait Cupcakes

Another sublime cupcake recipe from Wendy Paul’s “101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes” which are for my young women at church tomorrow (if there are any there since it is Spring Break for them this week!).  Vanilla cupcakes with granola inside and out and topped with a dollop of vanilla buttercream icing and then finished … Continue reading

Still More Bunco Treats!

And one last post about Bunco and then I promise I’ll be done!  I made some Oreo Truffles for prizes (recipe already on the blog) and I had some extra Chocolate Velvet Cupcakes from Noah’s Muppet cupcakes and some extra purple frosting from Emmy’s Justin Bieber cupcakes so I combined them with some pearl sprinkles … Continue reading

Stacy’s Mini Chocolate Chip Loaves

I liked this recipe from Anne Byrn’s “Chocolate from the Cake Mix Doctor” but decided to make cupcakes and some other shapes instead of loaves.  I made regular shaped cupcakes (pictured above) and iced some with my buttercream icing in purple and white and then topped the others with the chocolate frosting from the “Rocky … Continue reading