Christmas Light Cupcakes

Cute right? And pretty easy too. My friend Sondra asked if I would make some cupcakes for her granddaughter’s birthday and these are the ones she chose. Sondra said she thinks it reminded her of “Stranger Things”!

1 box cupcake mix plus ingredients to make cupcakes (I did a batch of chocolate cupcakes and a batch of Christmas Funfetti cupcakes)

1 can of frosting or a batch of homemade frosting, I used this one here.

1 pouch of black cookie icing

1 bag mini M&Ms

1 Bake cupcakes according to package directions and allow to cool.

2 Prepare frosting and then frost all cupcakes.

3 Take cookie icing and pipe a circular pattern on top of each cupcake to look like the cord of a string of lights.

4 Place mini M&Ms along the icing cord to mimic Christmas lights.

recipe from Delish

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