Mini Christmas Wreath Bundt Cakes

I just love the Christmas season. I love the gift giving, the holiday baking and then sharing with neighbors and friends, I love how people are usually a little bit nicer and try harder to serve, I love celebrating the birth of Christ, the Christmas cards from friends that I hardly ever get to see because they live far away, I love finding that perfect gift for someone special, I could go on and on but you get the idea.

I’m a part of a Bunco group that has been going for like 13 years now. We can’t get together to play Bunco but we decided to keep up our tradition of doing a favorite things gift exchange, this year over Zoom so we all dropped off our gifts to one friend who bagged them all up and then delivered them to us. I made these little cakes for our treat that went in their gift bag as well then we all got on Zoom and opened our gifts and ate our cakes. It was the next best thing to being together.

I used this recipe here for the little bundt cakes. I added some tiny vanilla chips colored red, green and white that I got at Sam’s Club (you can see them in the picture in the middle) and also some mini semisweet chocolate chips too.

I made a glaze our of powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk then colored it green for my Christmas wreath theme.

I made the little bows out of Twizzlers Pull n Peels then used various Christmas sprinkles to make each one unique.

I got the little treat boxes at Walmart and had the gold forks left over from a bridal shower I think, then I just used some red and white Baker’s twine to tie the fork to the treat box.

I think it all came out pretty cute and the cakes were super yummy!

Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for following me along on my food adventures!

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