Octopus and Shark Cupcakes

Octopus Cupcake

Octopus Cupcake

I had some fun yesterday making these octopus cupcakes,

Octopus Cupcake

Octopus Cupcake

and also some shark cupcakes.  Gotta find some fun in this quarantine life.

Shark Cupcake

Shark Cupcake

I made 3 dozen chocolate cupcakes from this recipe here and some buttercream icing from this recipe here which I colored blue to look like the ocean.

The octopus are easy to make, just take 4 gummi worms and cut them in half then glue eyeballs onto a gum drop with a tiny dab of frosting.  Put the gumdrop in the center of the frosted cupcake and place “legs” around the head, pushing into frosting to secure in place.

For the sharks, the hubs took an Oreo cookie and broke it into the shape of a shark fin, make sure to leave enough cookie to stick it down into your frosting.

Happy Birthday to my neighbors Addi and Alex!

And Happy Birthday to Maya and happy quarantine to Ryder, Drew, and Brooks!  (We’re bonus grandparents!)

idea from Made to be a Momma

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