Bridal Shower Cake Bar

Bridal Shower Cake Bar

Bridal Shower Cake Bar

My sweet friend McKenna is getting married and her sister Alyse threw her a bridal shower and asked if I would help with the dessert so I suggested a cake bar because I saw the idea on Pinterest and wanted to give it a go.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy it because everyone could make the exact dessert that they wanted.  You could even just have berries and cream if you were trying to cut back.  It was a success and so much fun to put together.  Here’s what was on the cake bar:

mini chocolate and mini vanilla cakes from this recipe – I made mini tube cakes which were a good single serve size and even smaller little bundt cakes so that you could have a chocolate and vanilla if you wanted both

a chocolate ganache which the mother of the bride to be, my childhood friend Ann, made and a vanilla glaze, recipe here

chocolate and vanilla ice cream

chocolate syrup and caramel syrup

blackberries and sliced strawberries

homemade whipped cream, recipe here

mini chocolate chips, toffee bits, mini M&M’s, sprinkles

So much fun!  And yummy!  Try it for your next party!

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