Fondant Topper Cupcake Garden


Fondant Topper Cupcake Garden

We had a Spaghetti Dinner/Cake and Dessert Auction at church the other night to raise funds for the Young Women and Young Men’s camps and activities.  The older teenage girls referred to as the Laurels came over to my house a week and a half before and made all the fondant toppers for the cupcakes, here is a better look at those:


Fondant Topped Cupcake Garden

They did such a great job, look how adorable those toppers turned out!  The day before the auction I baked the cupcakes using this Perfect Cupcake Recipe and then the day of, I built the garden.  I frosted the cupcakes with my favorite Buttercream Icing and then placed a fondant topper (which had been drying for about a week and a half) on to the icing, pressing gently to get the topper to stick.  One of my neighbors donated the box (thanks Tye!) which already had Styrofoam in it to boost the cupcakes up higher so I used my food processor to make crumbs out of some fake oreos and spread that over to make it look like dirt and then placed the cupcakes on top.  Lastly I cut out the letters on my Cricut and stuck them to the front of the box and ta da!  Cupcake Garden!

I don’t know how much it sold for because it was a silent auction but I know it helped raise some money and we had fun making it so win, win!

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