Snow Skiing Fondant Cake

Snow Skiing Fondant Cake

A cake for my friend Rockets in honor of her late husband who loved to ski.  Courtney made the little skier for me and I pretty much did the rest of the cake.  I really like the trees along the front, they are also on the back which you can’t see.  The cake is lemon from the White Almond Sour Cream cake recipe, the frosting is of course my favorite buttercream icing and the fondant is Wilton brand from Michaels.  It’s a topsy turvy cake which is a little hard to see from the picture but he is skiing down the front of the cake.

4 thoughts on “Snow Skiing Fondant Cake

  1. Hi Penny, Was Courtney able to make the skier with only fondant, or did she need something else like modelling chocolate or gum paste for strength? Thank you.

    • The skier is all fondant with toothpicks holding him together and for poles (covered with fondant). We’ve used gum paste in the past but haven’t tried modeling chocolate yet.

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