Rustic “Naked” Wedding Cake with Sunflowers

"Naked" Sunflower Wedding Cake

Here is my first attempt at a “Naked” cake which refers to the fact that the cake has little or no frosting and is therefore naked!  This was a wedding cake for my neighbor Andrew and his new wife Jamie.  I was pretty excited when she requested the naked cake because I’ve been wanting to try it.  There are various degrees of naked with some having only frosting between the layers and then others having only a little frosting on the sides.  Basically I frosted the cake like I normally would and then carefully scraped and smoothed it off.  It was harder than it looks.  The cake is a vanilla cake from the White Almond Sour Cream Cake recipe and the frosting is buttercream icing.  Jamie provided the flowers and her cousin put them on the cake.  I really like this naked cake and hope to make another.  Congrats to Andrew and Jamie!

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