Buttercream Striped Wedding Cake with Flowers

I got to try out a new cake frosting technique on this wedding cake for my friend Shannon.  It was stressful but fun!  This is a chocolate cake (click here for cake recipe) with buttercream frosting (click here for frosting recipe).  The bottom layer is 8″ and the top is 6″.  Below is another picture … Continue reading

Rustic Woodland “Naked” Wedding Cake

Isn’t that gorgeous?  I am responsible for a very small part of that gorgeousness, the “naked” cake underneath all the prettiness was my contribution.  My dear, sweet friend Amber got married on Saturday and asked me to make her a “naked” wedding cake which I did and then she made it look like a fairy … Continue reading

Rustic “Naked” Sunflower Wedding Cake

Here is my first attempt at a “Naked” cake which refers to the fact that the cake has little or no frosting and is therefore naked!  This was a wedding cake for my neighbor Andrew and his new wife Jamie.  I was pretty excited when she requested the naked cake because I’ve been wanting to … Continue reading