Oreo Truffle Flag

Oreo Truffle Flag

Happy day after the 4th of July!  Yesterday I made this Oreo Truffle Flag for the fam in celebration of Independence Day, I think it came out so cute!  And it tasted even better.  The inspiration came from Betty Crocker, but I decided to go with Oreo Truffles instead of cake balls, recipe for the truffles found here.  I made a batch of Oreo Truffles using Mint Oreos but ended up being a bit short of enough to make the flag so I made a few more truffles using Lemon Oreos and some homemade frosting that I had in the fridge.  I have to admit that I liked the lemon truffles better than the Mint ones.  After making the truffles, I dipped 12 of them in Wilton blue candy melts (and then sprinkled them with little round sprinkles to represent the stars), 28 truffles in red and then 23 in white.  It was really pretty easy, just a bit time consuming.  So Happy 4th of July one day late!

2 thoughts on “Oreo Truffle Flag

  1. Also yummy with Dove Chocolate Truffle Brownie Mix… After you make the brownies let cool and crumple, add 1 pkg of cream cheese. make into balls. Refrigerate 1 hr, then dip into chocolate (I use Dove chocolate) and refrigerate again. Yummm

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