Lemon Cookie Frozen Yogurt

Lemon Cookie Frozen Yogurt

Bob and I strolled into William Sonoma the other day because, as you might imagine, it’s a store that I like to browse through on occasion.  We were looking at a display of ice cream and frozen yogurt starters,

Lemon Cookie Frozen Yogurt

when the lady behind the counter asked us if we’d like to sample the Lemon Cookie Frozen Yogurt that she had just made.  What a silly question, of course!  OH MY GOSH!  Best frozen yogurt I have ever tasted so of course, we bought a can of the starter.  It’s not cheap at $12.95 a can (cheaper than a trip to Yogurtland though!) but it comes with 2 packets of starter mix and 2 packets of cookie bits and they each make 1 quart, all you have to add is milk and yogurt.  I mixed mine up with my Kitchen Aid in my ice cream bowl attachment, couldn’t have been any easier.  So if you are in the market for some homemade ice cream or frozen yogurt this summer, you might want to check it out.

6 thoughts on “Lemon Cookie Frozen Yogurt

    • Tell me about it, I went back yesterday and got the Honey Vanilla mix and the Tart Chocolate mix so we could give those a try. I see lots of walking in our future!

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