Individual 7 Layer Dips and Chips

Individual 7 Layer Dips and Chips

More food from our Young Women picnic.  I’ve seen this idea over and over on Pinterest so decided that this picnic was the perfect time to try them both out.  For the individual chip bags, I took some brown paper lunch sacks and chopped the tops off with my craft scissors so that they had fun borders, then I stamped a sunshine onto each bag just for fun and filled them with tortilla chips so everyone had their own mini bag of chips.  For the individual 7 layer dips, I took some clear plastic drinking cups and layered refried beans, sour cream, salsa and cheese (so really only 4 layer dips but with teenage girls you never know what they’re going to like so I kept it simple).  The next time I do this, I think I’ll include a spoon with each cup of dip so that you can get down to the bottom without breaking all of your tortilla chips while trying.  These were yummy and fun and easy to eat.

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