Valentine Candy Heart Mini Cakes

Valentine Candy Heart Mini Cakes

I wanted to make the Young Women at church a Valentine treat so I was wandering around Michaels as I sometimes do when I found this adorable pan in their Valentine display:

Wilton 20 Cavity Mini Heart Dessert Shell Pan

They call it the “Wilton 20 Cavity Mini Heart Dessert Shell Pan”, rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?  I couldn’t resist it so I used my 40% off coupon, bargain! and bought it.  Brought it home and made some tiny cakes in it, both chocolate and yellow just using regular cake batter, nothing fancy.  Then I took a bag of Wilton Red Candy Melts, melted them right in a little squirt bottle and filled in the heart shaped indentation of each little cake with some melted chocolate and ta da!  Candy heart mini cakes with minimal effort and big taste!  I packaged them 3 to a bag in a long skinny bag alternating colors and they looked really cute and tasted even better!  Happy Valentines Day to my favorite group of teenage girls!  Love you guys to bits!

Here’s another use for that pan:


Valentine Candy Heart Mini Cakes

This time I made the little cakes just from a chocolate cake mix, mixed up some cream cheese glaze, recipe here, which I spooned into the little heart shaped cavities then just topped them with Valentine themed sprinkles.  So cute and so easy!

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