Christmas Treat Day!

So yesterday was Christmas treat day around here, as in I spent the whole day making treats and thought I would share for those of you looking for some quick and easy last minute gift ideas.  All of these treat ideas are already on the blog so this will just be adapting them for Christmas gift giving.

candy day 001

First up, chocolate dipped pretzels – easy, delicious and easily made to fit any holiday.  Perfect for families with kids which is where these little guys went!  One bag of Wilton Light Cocoa Candy Melts did all the dipped treats in this post so 1 bag of those babies will go a long way.  All you have to do is buy a bag of those rod shaped pretzels and a bag of candy melts, melt the candy according to package directions and then dip away!  Sprinkle with any chosen decorations such as jimmies, sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, mini M&M’s, the sky is the limit!

candy day 005

Next up a container full of a variety of treats – Maple Walnut Fudge, White Chocolate Peanut Butter Krispies and two different kinds of M&M Pretzel Bites, one made with regular Hershey Kisses and one made with Candy Cane Hershey Kisses.  All these recipes are already on the blog, each one is easy and quick to make.

hot choc 001

And to round it out, a hot chocolate gift also super quick and easy.  I got some mugs at the dollar store and also those silver spoons which are actually plastic.  I dipped the spoons in the candy melts and sprinkled with some sprinkles then did the same to some large candy canes and then to round it out, I dipped some large marshmallows in the candy melts and then in some crushed candy canes and to finish, stuck another large candy cane into the marshmallow.  Add some hot chocolate and you are done!

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