Mini Hot Chocolate Bar

This may have been the girls favorite thing about the party, they seemed to really enjoy the mini hot chocolate bar!  You can see from the picture that I had both large and small marshmallows, large candy canes, chocolate dipped spoons (more on that soon) and two different kinds of hot chocolate – mint and … Continue reading

Nutter Butter Reindeers

Another treat for the Christmas party!  This idea was kind of a combination of several things that I saw on Pinterest but none in this exact configuration so I’m going to take credit for these.  🙂 1 package Nutter Butter cookies 1 package light cocoa Wilton candy melts tiny twist pretzels red M&Ms chocolate chips … Continue reading

Mini Donut Snowmen

This one too was for the Christmas party for the girls, another idea from Pinterest and another picture that led to nowhere so here’s what I did! mini powdered sugar donuts candy corns mini chocolate chips Cut wide end off 1 piece of candy corn then carefully stick, pointy end facing out, into slit (there … Continue reading

Marshmallow Reindeer Pops

Here is one of the treats that I made for the Christmas party for the girls.  I saw the picture on Pinterest but the website that it led to, called “Wedding Day Pins”, had no instructions just the picture so I’ll just tell you how I did it. 1 bag Wilton light cocoa candy melts … Continue reading

Cupcake Ornaments

Last night my girls from church came over for a Christmas party so I thought a craft would be fun for the party and since I am the food lady I thought this cupcake ornament was just perfect!  And while it isn’t a food item with a recipe like I usually do on this blog, … Continue reading