Mini Hot Chocolate Bar

MM party 022

This may have been the girls favorite thing about the party, they seemed to really enjoy the mini hot chocolate bar!  You can see from the picture that I had both large and small marshmallows, large candy canes, chocolate dipped spoons (more on that soon) and two different kinds of hot chocolate – mint and dark.  The spoons are so easy to do and so fun to have with hot chocolate.  I just used plastic spoons and dipped them while I was making the other dipped items then added some Christmas sprinkles to make them even cuter.  I asked Courtney what would be some other good things for a hot chocolate bar and she suggested whipped cream and then Bob suggested ice cream, both great ideas.

MM party 028

Here are the treats trays with Nutter Butter Reindeers, Mini Donut Snowmen, Marshmallow Reindeer Pops, M&M Kiss Pretzel Bites (recipe already on the blog) and Angeletti Cookies (also already on the blog).  It was a fun party.  I sure do love those girls, they are sweeter than all these treats!

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