Diet Coke Bottle Fondant Birthday Cake

DC cake 002

It was my friend Wendy’s birthday yesterday and she loves Diet Coke like no other and so Courtney and I decided to make her a Diet Coke birthday cake.  I got this soda bottle shaped cake pan from the Coke Rewards website where you enter the codes you find on your coke products and then you can redeem those points for cool stuff like a silicone shaped soda bottle cake pan.  The cake is chocolate from the “White Almond Sour Cream” cake recipe which is already on the blog and then my favorite buttercream icing which is also already on the blog and then chocolate fondant for the bottle and white fondant tinted grey, black and red for the label and bottle cap.  Wendy said it was the best birthday cake she’d ever had.  Happy Birthday Wendy!


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