Cupcake Ornaments

MM party 003

Last night my girls from church came over for a Christmas party so I thought a craft would be fun for the party and since I am the food lady I thought this cupcake ornament was just perfect!  And while it isn’t a food item with a recipe like I usually do on this blog, since it is food related, I’m going to share it here.  Now I am not really a crafty gal when it comes to mediums other than food but this was pretty easy to do and I easily found all the necessary items at Michaels craft store.  The idea comes from a blog called “Bake It Pretty”.

Styrofoam balls (2 1/2″ for regular size cupcakes and/or 1 1/2″ for mini cupcakes)

heavy duty foil cupcake liners (either standard 2″ size or mini size)

artificial snowflakes

artificial floral berry sprigs

bakers twine or ribbon

wooden skewers

white craft glue

foam or paint brush

hot glue


1  Stick 1 Styrofoam ball onto a wooden skewer for easier handling.  Use a brush to paint upper 2/3 of ball with a generous coating of white craft glue.

2  Roll ball into faux snow flakes, gently pressing and sprinkling flakes to cover ball.  It should look like a frosty snowball.

3  Place stick and ball into a mug or piece of foam and allow to dry completely.

4  When balls are dry, remove skewers.  Run a circle of hot glue around the top inside of the cupcake liner and place cupcake ball inside, frosty side up.  Cup your hands and press gently around edges to glue liner on snugly.  Do not push ball down too far or bottom will curve and your cupcake will not be flat.

5  Choose a cherry for your cupcake.  Cut 1 floral berry from bunch.  Add small dot of hot glue to center of your cupcake.  Set a small loop of ribbon or twine into the glue first, then press the cherry firmly on top.

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