Turkey Cookie Pops

Made these little cuties to take to the Young Women at church today.  I saw this idea on Pinterest but when I clicked on the picture it took me to a website that required a password so I couldn’t get to it to get the instructions but then I found it on another website called “Gracious Rain” so I looked at her instructions and then just kind of went ahead and did it on my own so I’ll tell you how I did it.

1 package Golden Oreos

mini Nutter Butters (I could only find these in a variety pack with other cookies)

candy corn and/or Indian corn

candy eyes (or make your own like I did by taking large white Wilton “Confetti” and drawing black circles on them with a food marker also by Wilton called “FoodWriters”)

tube of Betty Crocker frosting (the decorator kind, I used white and yellow)

popsicle sticks

clear bags and ribbon for packaging

1  Take an Oreo and carefully pull it apart trying to leave all of the frosting on one side.  Repeat with another Oreo.  Set the 2 sides without any frosting on them aside (for another project or for snacking) and then take the 2 sides with frosting and stick them back together.  While holding the cookie between 2 fingers, carefully push the popsicle stick into the frosting, about 1″ in.  Now take 5 candy corns and, while still holding the cookie between 2 fingers, carefully push the candy corns into the top of the cookie, on the opposite side of the stick, making a fan like pattern.  Set cookie carefully onto work surface.

2  Attach a mini Nutter Butter to the bottom portion of the Oreo by squirting a dab of frosting onto 1 side and carefully pressing it onto the Oreo.  Carefully cut the tip off of 1 piece of candy corn and attach it, pointy side down, onto the mini Nutter Butter by squirting a small dab of frosting onto the back of it.  Repeat with 2 eyes, just above the candy corn piece.

3  I let them sit there for about 30 minutes to make sure everything set up and that the frosting kept everything glued on, where that didn’t happen, I went back with more frosting to restick things back on.  For a couple of them, I had to stick some frosting in the center between the 2 cookie halves to make sure the whole thing stuck together.

4  Carefully (these pops are pretty fragile) slide pop into a clear treat bag and then tie a piece of ribbon around the stick to close the bag off and keep cookie fresh.

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