Acorns and Pilgrim Hats

Here are the little Thanksgiving treats the girls made.  First up, acorns!  This idea comes from a blog called “Party Frosting!”.  You need Hershey Kisses, mini Nilla Wafers and mini chocolate chips plus something to stick them all together, I used Nutella.  So just a dab of Nutella on the bottom of a mini Nilla Water and then stick it to the flat side of the Kiss and then a tiny dab on a mini chocolate chip and stick it to the top of the wafer and TA DA – Thanksgiving Acorn!

Next up, Pilgrim Hats!  This idea comes from a blog called “Dump Your Frump”.  All you need are Keeble Fudge Stripe Cookies (on her blog she used those chocolate wafer cookies but Fudge Stripes are a little sturdier I think), mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and some frosting (I just bought a tube of that Betty Crocker decorator frosting).  So just squirt some frosting around the outer edge of the bigger flat side of the peanut butter cup (which would be the top I guess) and gently press it onto the bottom of the cookie, making sure to cover the hole in the cookie and then using same frosting, make a ring around the seam of the peanut butter cup and the cookie (on her blog she added a buckle with the frosting but we had some time constraints so went without a buckle).

So there you are – two cute and tasty Thanksgiving treats that couldn’t be any easier to make!

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