Sunflower Garden Fondant Birthday Cake

My good friend Tonianne is turning 50 and her husband John threw her a surprise birthday party and asked if we would make a cake for the party.  The party invitations had daisies on them and Tonianne loves sunflowers so John asked if we would make a cake with those flowers on it.  She loves to garden so we thought we’d make the cake look like a garden box with a green fondant covered layer on the bottom surrounded by a picket fence and then flowers on the top layers.  He had invited a lot of people to the party so we made the biggest cake that we were comfortable with which was this 4 layer square cake with 12″, 10″, 8″ and 6″ layers.  (We have to make several wedding cakes this summer and this is the size and shape they want so we also thought it would be a good chance to practice.)  Tonianne wanted white cake so the top 3 layers are white sour cream cake (see White Almond Sour Cream cake recipe) and the bottom layer is chocolate sour cream (same recipe) with vanilla buttercream frosting.  The green fondant on the bottom layer is Duff’s buttercream fondant from Michael’s and the white fondant is the buttercream from Funfinity.  The picket fence and the “50” are half fondant/half gum paste and the 50 is covered in edible glitter.  We were going to make all the flowers out of fondant but decided that real flowers would be more special for Tonianne’s cake so we bought these daisies and sunflowers at “Planted Earth”, a really cute little store near our house.  Courtney and I were really pleased with the final product and Tonianne loved it!  Happy Birthday Tonianne!  We love you!

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